construction services

what we can do

GRP Construction delivers comprehensive construction solutions, from earthwork and heavy civil projects to utility and infrastructure development. With decades of expertise, we ensure precision, safety, and excellence in every project. Our commitment to client satisfaction drives us to consistently exceed expectations, shaping a better future for communities across British Columbia.

Sectors we serve

GRP Construction serves diverse sectors, specializing in infrastructure, civil construction, and private developments. Our expertise spans residential, commercial, industrial, private and public works developments.

GRP capabilities

GRP Construction offers comprehensive contractor services, encompassing earthwork, site preparation, utility installation, and heavy civil infrastructure. We provide end-to-end solutions for clients in British Columbia and beyond.

bulk and detail excavation

GRP specializes and excels in both bulk and detail excavation, Whether it’s large-scale earthworks or intricate site excavation, GRP has the expertise to meet your project’s demands with superior efficiency, and the right equipment to work effectively.

Our excavation expertise includes:

  • Deep Bulk Excavation
  • Mass haul
  • Detail and Mechanical Excavation.
  • Specialized Excavation Projects

clearing and site prep

At GRP, we offer comprehensive site preparation services for subdivisions, townhomes, commercial developments, infrastructure, and municipal projects.

Our expertise includes:

  • Site Clearing & Tree Removal
  • Mass Excavation
  • Mass Haul
  • Grade Preparation
  • Final Site Grading and Import Gravel Placement.

underground utilities

From deep mains to residential utility servicing, we’re your trusted partner for efficient and reliable underground utility work.

Our capabilities include:

  • Deep Storm, Sanitary, & Water Mains
  • Shallow storm, sanitary & watermains.
  • Residential Septic System
  • Residential Water Service Installation

road construction

GRP provides an extensive range of HWY & road construction services, including:

  • New Road Construction
  • Sub-Grade & Sub-Base Preparation
  • Base Preparation and Grading
  • Sidewalk and Boulevard Construction
  • Existing Road Reconstruction
  • Road Removals & Excavation

project gallery

At GRP, our journey is marked by the projects we’ve proudly undertaken over the years. We approach each endeavor with commitment, leaving behind successful accomplishments. As we reflect on our past achievements, we anticipate the exciting challenges that lie ahead.

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