about us

4 generations of earthmoving

Founded in 1979 by Kyle Pederson’s father & grandfather, armed with just one small machine, the story of GRP Construction was set in motion. Over time, Kyle joined as the 3rd generation,and now his son is stepping in as the 4th generation and GRP’s story continues to unfold. From modest origins, we’ve grown into a symbol of reliability and expertise in earthworks and heavy equipment solutions. Rooted in family values, our journey embodies our commitment to “Dig Deeper, Deliver Results,”ensuring a brighter future for generations to come.

putting safety first, every single day.

At GRP, safety isn’t a checkbox—it’s its how we live and breathe. With a “Safety-First Mindset Every Day,” our priority is ensuring that every member of our team returns home to their families, unharmed. There are no exceptions; this is the core of our approach.

We understand that nothing we do is worth compromising safety. Our commitment to a safety mindset is engrained in our culture, influencing every action and decision we make. Cutting corners is never an option, as we firmly believe that no reward is worth the potential risks. We utilize constructive safety protocols that not only protect but keep us engaged in every task. Committed to ensuring that our team is equipped with the right tools and the best practices. Clear communication and hazard assessment ensure that safety is woven into every action. By prioritizing safety as part of our everyday workflow, we maintain focus, maximize productivity, and build a secure foundation for success.

our promise

At GRP Construction, our promise is crystal clear: to consistently provide a quality service that deliver results. With over 40 years of experience, we pledge our commitment to our clients. From contracting our earthworks expertise to high quality heavy equipment rental solutions, we ensure every project is delivered as required. Trust us to exceed your expectations, every time.

our values

At GRP Construction, our values are the foundation of everything we do. With a focus on integrity, hard work and delivering on what we promise. We are a company committed to safety, environmental responsibility, and community engagement which underlines our mission to create a brighter and sustainable future. At GRP, we are not just building earth based structures, but relationships founded on trust and respect.

we are in this together

Diversity, equity & inclusion.

Diversity, equality, and inclusion are not mere buzzwords for GRP Construction; they form part our values. We take pride in cultivating a workforce and fostering a culture that celebrates everyone’s differences. Our commitment to an equitable and inclusive environment empowers every team member to thrive. At GRP, DEI is not just a policy; it’s how we build a brighter future together.

indigenous inclusion

GRP deeply respects Indigenous peoples’ profound bond with the land we operate on. Webelieve that genuine understanding and transparent collaboration cultivate relationships founded on trust. Committed to learning and appreciating every Indigenous community, their traditional territories, and land practices, we seek to continue learning the authentic essence of reconciliation. Through this pursuit, GRP aims to honor indigenous rights and traditions in a manner that resonates with Indigenous communities. By embracing ancestral wisdom, we work to forge a sustainable path towards mutual prosperity.