grp's team

Kyle Pederson,

CEO and President

Barry Pederson,

Owner and Partner

Vicki Pederson,

Office Manager

grp leadership

”At GRP Construction, our team is more than just a workforce; We’re a part of an extended family. With a shared dedication to hard work, a positive outlook, and real safety commitment, fostering a culture of trust and respect becomes second nature.” – Jessica Grey – GRP

peter gibson

indigenous liaison coordinator

GRP’s Indigenous Liaison Coordinator brings a heritage of Ojibwe and Cree ancestry and is a member of the Manitoba Metis Federation. His mission is to foster successful partnerships between Indigenous communities and trusted contractors like GRP. Through shared values, Peter aims to create connections that empower these communities across Canada

”Join us at GRP Construction. We’re excited to welcome all passionate construction people looking to create a career with us. Your dedication can shape a rewarding career here.”- Kyle Pederson, President.

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