hitachi excavator

ZX350LC-6 Long Reach

what the orange experts say

Meet the epitome of extended reach and exceptional performance: the Hitachi ZX350LC-6 Long Reach Excavator. Engineered for projects demanding extended reach without compromising power and precision, this machine redefines the possibilities of excavation on a grand scale.

Key Features:

Extended Reach: With its extended arm and boom configuration, the ZX350LC-6 Long Reach Excavator offers an impressive reach, making it ideal for tasks that require excavation deep below ground level or over vast distances, ensuring unparalleled versatility on the job site.

Power Redefined: Equipped with a robust engine, this excavator delivers exceptional power to tackle even the most demanding tasks. Its advanced hydraulic system ensures precise control, enabling operators to handle heavy loads with ease and finesse, maintaining productivity without compromise.

Precision Engineering: Hitachi’s focus on precision is evident in every movement. The Long Reach Excavator boasts intelligent hydraulic controls, ensuring accurate digging, lifting, and placement. This precision is vital for projects where exactitude is non-negotiable.

Enhanced Stability: The extended undercarriage of the ZX350LC-6 provides superior stability, allowing operators to work confidently even at maximum reach. Stability is further bolstered by advanced stabilization features, ensuring safety and control during every operation.

GRP also offers the following long-reach excavators in their fleet:
• ZX160LC-6 Long Reach
• ZX135US-6 Long Reach

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